Midnight has been adopted!

Domestic Short Hair

Meet little ebony munchkin Midnight, the petite treat in her lively tribe! At first she’s a little timid, but if there’s a kitten adventure brewing with her sibs or a comical exploration, she’ll be right in the middle of it! She does play more gently than a couple of her burly brothers, so she knows how to dodge the more boisterous games. Toys that roll, especially with bells, are her favorite, and so is the rustle of the bag of kitty treats, and she is good with older kids, cats, and is getting used to dogs. This loving little sweetheart is velvety soft from the tips of her impressive ears to her dainty toes to the end of her long silken tail. Her beautiful, soulful green eyes are the perfect complement to her classic deep black ensemble. She’s so darling and so sweet you just want to scoop her up for a hug and a snuggle! Could magical little Midnight be the cherished girl in your family’s circle of love and protection?

Littermates:  Lurch, Rafiki, Tux, Whitney