Rafiki has been adopted!

Turkish Van

With his gorgeous blue eyes the color of deep waters and stunning coat of head-to-toe marshmallow white, Rafiki is picture-perfect! He has a quiet, calm nature and loves his people, including older children, and has the “sweet little brother” personality among his lively siblings, gets along with bigger cats, and is getting used to dogs. The happy hijinks of his favorite playtimes may find him popping in and out of empty boxes, zipping up and around the cat condo, or bouncing after rolling jinglebell balls! Whether near or far, if he hears a rattle of the kitty treat bag he’ll come at a gallop! He’s super sweet and calm, super handsome, and is sure to be a beloved boy in a forever home that adores him. Darling Rafiki hopes you choose him!

Littermates:  Lurch, Midnight, Tux, Whitney