Presley has been adopted!

Maine Coon Mix
Gray and white

Presley is an adorable little fella with a very spunky personality.  His typical kitten energy has him playing all kinds of kitten games and he excels at climbing.  He is quite curious and everything is a toy to him.  Presley loves, and actively seeks, attention and loves to cuddle with you.  He enjoys the company of his siblings and, if left alone, will cry until he finds them.  He enjoys sitting on his human's lap or curling up next to them in bed.  Presley is good with young children, kittens and adult cats. He loves water and will get in the shower with you if you let him.  He has not been exposed to dogs.  Presley will do best with another kitten or young cat to keep him company.  He does not enjoy being alone. He loves to give kisses. Loves to be held. He will run to you for cuddles and petts. Cute, cuddly, tons of personality. He can also be a bit of a talker if you walk away. That's Presley and he is available for adoption today.

Littermates:  Dean, Monroe