Lily has been adopted!


Perfectly classic cuddlebug Lily has come a long way from when she was found cowering in the bushes, little and very alone. In her foster home her spunky, brave attitude makes her an entertaining favorite of the other cats, especially the older ones. Everything about this striped sweetheart is easy-going and easy-care, from her ready purr to her love of attention without being needy. She’s a great cuddler who loves being petted and having her back scratched and also burrows into a snuggly blanket when her people are busy. She’s a beauty too with gorgeous dark tabbygirl stripes, a brown velvet nose, bright, curious eyes expertly highlighted in soft white, and a uniquely two-toned stunning tabby “M” on her sweet fuzzy head. This delightful darling, loving and mellow, will brighten your world and make few demands. What a delightful darling! Could loving little Lily be the new light and sparkle in your life?