Fritz has been adopted!

Domestic Medium Hair
Black and White

The award for Purrfect Black Face “Drapes” goes to this darling boy named Fritz. All he asks is that you approach him quietly until he knows you, and then you can expect him to snuggle as close as he possibly can at bedtime for the cuddling he looks forward to! Through the day he loves to play, especially zipping from here to there and batting and chasing anything from bottle caps to items you may drop on the floor. His sweet siblings are always up for fun, and this sweetheart may do best if he has a kitty playmate. He hasn’t been around bigger cats or kids, but he is good with dogs. He’s extra fuzzy wuzzy in his medium length coat of silky black and white, mostly black on his topside and mostly white from chin to toes, with a kissable black satin nose! He’s a sweet and easy-to-love boy, sure to be a cherished and companionable big guy, with a happy spirit of fun and a deeply affectionate side, especially at bedtime! Wonderful Fritz hopes he’s the great guy for you!

Littermates:  Faith, Ferris