Daphne has been adopted!

Domestic Medium Hair
Black and White

With a sweet little dot on her sweet little chin, darling Daphne is a cute-as-a-button doll! Her extra long coat of luxe soft black looks dry brushed with shiny silver, and beautiful dark “drapes” highlight her pretty green-gold eyes. A lively spirit is her even greater claim to fame among her busy siblings, since this sparkly girl is the designated leader of the pack in every kitten adventure and comical exploration and is super friendly to everyone including other cats and dogs and kids! This sweetheart is bouncy and pouncy but always ready for pets and cuddles, even in the middle of playtime! When you’re as good-natured, playful, and loving as darling Daphne, you’re sure to be a joyful addition in a forever family that adores her!

Littermates:  Snow, Twilight