Ginger has been adopted!

orange and white

The award for Most Adorable Eyebrows goes to bouncy, pouncy, jump-for-joy Ginger! He’s a busy boy who loves every single toy and invented plaything but especially things dangling from a wand! His cuddlebug sister Cali thinks he’s “the cat’s meow”, and he’s been great with other cats, small dogs, and children too! His activities keep him pretty much on the go, but even the busiest boy has to come in for a landing eventually. That’s when he’ll curl up cozily next to you for a good snooze and to recharge for the next round of fun! His handsome and classic tabbyman coat of sunny orange and rich ivory is as easy-care as his great personality, perfect for busy playtimes and perfect for those dreamy naps! What a happy-spirited addition Ginger would love to be in your welcoming and loving forever family!

Buddy: Cali