Cali has been adopted!


Meet one-of-a-kind little tortoiseshell beauty Cali. She looks like a modern art treasure in her coat of many soft colors, with ample soft brushstrokes of palest gold, complemented by gorgeous big eyes! As adorable as she looks, it’s her darling personality that will melt your heart. She’s an immediate purrbug and loves to cuddle right up and get lots of love. Her orange creamsicle brother Ginger is her great kitty buddy, and she has extra confidence when they’re together and extra fun too! Perching on top of the cat tree is a favorite way to have fun and see everything going on too! Her sweet personality has extended very happily to other cats and small dogs and to children! With all she has to offer, precious Cali is sure to be the sweetest joy in a family that adores her. How about yours?

Buddy: Ginger