Charlie has been adopted!


Could this charmer named Charlie be any cuter? From his adorable bright white nose to his handsome black “vest” “fastened” across the brightest white bib, this boy is a dandy! He’s full of vim and vigor too and loves paper balls, hiding in boxes, races, romps, and bouncy fun with his four sibs and his young mamacat. Those darling white footies seem to have springs! With his playful ways it would be ideal if he gets adopted with one of them for built-in fun! Affection is also a big part of his winning personality, so it’s no surprise that he readily stops whatever he’s doing to flop down to get the petting that he loves while he purrs like a rumbly motorboat! Could this adorable, fun, and affectionate tuxedo treasure named Charlie he your new delight?

Mother: Tink
Littermates:  Biscotti, Coco, Night, Sno