Sno has been adopted!

Siamese Mix
Lynx pt

Spunky sassy Snow is the perfect blend of sugar and spice and everything nice! A delightfully playful spirit has her bouncing after any object that rolls, and zooming around her foster home with the older resident cats and medium sized dog. She tries to never be too far from an opportunity to be picked up and loves to nap snuggled up on your chest. She has the cutest little chirp to let you know she’d really like some attention, but her purr motor starts even before that. While she enjoys exploring and is always ready for a good-natured wrestling match with the playful bigger cats, she’s unfailingly calm and loving to the human 7 year old. With her gorgeous ivory and soft taupe coat and jewel-like sky blue eyes, this deeply affectionate and delightfully happy sweetheart is picture-perfect too! Darling Snow would love to be the cherished girl in your adoring forever family.

Mother: Tink
Littermates:  Biscotti, Coco, Night