Biscotti has been adopted!

Siamese Mix
Seat pt

This dapper blue-eyed dandy is super sweet Scotti, short for Biscotti. His looks are undeniably stunning, with his extra plush and pale cream coat and dark chocolate ears, nose, and velvety feet. Dark sapphire eyes complete the picture! As gorgeous as this great boy is, it’s his affectionate, friendly, playful personality that make him such a special treasure. He’ll nuzzle you adoringly and hope you have time for cuddling, but he’ll never be demanding. Playtimes and romps with his lively siblings and his very young and fun-loving mother keep the happy times rolling, and paper balls are this sweetheart’s most favorite toy! With his showstopper good looks and irresistibly loving nature, he’s sure to be a joyful addition in a family where he is cherished. Sweet Scotti hopes you choose him.

Mother: Tink
Littermates:  Coco, Night, Sno