Coco has been adopted!

Siamese Mix / Ragdoll
Torti pt

When beautiful Coco comes into the room she prances regally with her lovely tail straight up and fluffed out! With her densely lux cream coat, chocolate edged ears, and exotic taupe eyeshadow, she looks like a pure girlie girl, but she’s also full of lots of happy energy! Her four busy siblings and playful young mom give her plenty of opportunities to kick up her pretty heels! She’s especially fond of anything that rolls, empty boxes to pop out of, and every kitten game and adventure! Being adopted with a great playmate would be ideal. This darling girl loves to be petted and talked to and will reward you with heart melting gazes from her gorgeous deep sapphire eyes. What a perfect balance of fun, affection, and beauty this doll is! Could your new precious jewel be this sweet little coquette named Coco?

Mother: Tink
Littermates:  Biscotti, Night, Sno