Toby's adoption is in progress!

18 weeks old

This dandy little dude is adorable Toby, whose favorite observation perch, according to his foster dad, is on your shoulder! What better spot for a sweet boy who always likes to know what’s going on! Whether you’re standing still or walking around, this curious cutie will be happy to keep you company! He’s also super loving and deeply trusting and runs right up to everyone to cheerfully greet them and get petted! He hasn’t been around dogs or children but is very good with other cats, loves playful explorations and little adventures, and is an impressive climber. What a great looking guy he is too in his classic tabbyman coat, with handsome charcoal stripes in all the right places, big, bright eyes, and the sweetest little smile dipped in sugar! This fun and affectionate boy is going to be a pure delight in a home that cherishes all he has to offer. Irresistible Toby would love to be your treasure.