Kitten 23830 has been adopted!

Maine Coon Mix

Tender-hearted Tanner is the one of his lively little troupe who is the first in line for being petted and cuddled! He loves a good time, which are plentiful with his rollicking brother and sisters, but he has a super sweet, gentler spirit and is happy with quiet times too! He and his cutiepie playmates love the multiple level ball spin tower and every single toy that rolls! When it’s time to rest, this velvety soft sweetheart may be found comfortably snoozing in the sink! With his beautiful green eyes, and bright white highlights and smile, his face is adorable! And a soft, dense coat and fuzzy cloud-tan tummy make him a darling doll! Such an affectionate and easy-going boy is sure to be a beloved addition in a wonderful forever family. Tanner hopes you choose him!