Cat 23831 (Stash) is a sanctuary resident.

Domestic Medium Hair
Black and White Stash
1 year old

This is Stash and he's looking for his furever home! This boy never misses a meal, he'll definitely be sure to tell you if you are late and he's hungry! He has a bunny soft dense coat of black and a white bib to go along with it. This handsome boy loves to play with his playmates in our adoption room. One of his favorite things to do besides napping is perch on  a window seal on a nice sunny day. He is on the shy side, this cutie is coming out of his shell little by little everyday. He is weary of strangers and new situations, but he's really blossomed! Once he is sure he can trust you he'll want pets for days! His purr is melodic and relaxing and it shows on his face. This one just needs a patient understanding family that will give him the time he needs to blossom into the sweet happy boy we know he is!