Sunny has been adopted!

Domestic Short Hair

When someone new to fostering kindly agreed to bottlefeed two tiny newborns, he named them Pixie and Sunny and changed their futures forever! With an abundance of generous attention and tender care, these little dolls have grown to be an irresistible striped duo of health, playfulness, and snuggly sweetness, ready and waiting to bring their great gifts of fun and affection to a home that adores them! Pixie and Sunny would love to stay together since they have been closely bonded would add greatly to their happiness. Silky, orange striped Sunny is as classic a boy as there is, a marmalade tabby known for their great, easy-going, and devoted personalities. He loves every little toy and all his romps and playtimes with his sister and, thanks to their being greatly loved in their foster home, has a deeply affectionate and happy spirit! He is sure to be a beloved boy in a forever home that adores him. Could this tabby treasure named Sunny be your new joy? Could sister Pixie make it a double delight?

Littermate:  Pixie
Buddy: Pixie