Rosemary has been adopted!

Siamese Mix
Lynx pt

Who could resist the charms of this sweet meezer mix miss named Rosemary? She’s a snugglebug darling who loves to play and loves to eat! Her lively siblings love to play too, so romps and races and assorted kitten capers keep the fun rolling every day! She’s a friendly, out-going sweetheart who has gotten along well with other kittens, adult cats, and with children. She hasn’t had any exposure to dogs. This blue-eyed beauty is a classic Siamese mix with a dense, cloud-soft, highly coveted coat of rich cream highlighted with pale, elegant lilac. The prettiest, sweetest little face with those riveting blue eyes makes her a picture-perfect treasure! With her great gifts of spritely fun and lovable affection, cuddly Rosemary hopes she’s the adorable girl for you.

Littermates:  Blossom, Frozen, Olaf