Kitten 23903 (Libra) has been adopted!


Lovely Libra is one of seven beautiful siblings who had a rough start in life but found comfort and expert nurturing in their great foster home. She is a wonderful balance of fun and affection who is a lively and creative playmate, especially loves to zip and zoom from here to there, is happily occupied by every kind of rolling or bouncing toy, and easily coaxes her sibs into romps, and races, and wrestling! She also yearns for the human touch and will come looking for someone she trusts to cuddle up with for pets and a cozy nap. For such a busy girl, she’s elegantly attired in a classic dilute torbie coat of plush muted stripes in rich cream and grays. With the biggest, heart-melting eyes and defined nose and smile, this happy girl is simply picture-perfect! A bright sense of fun and sweet affection will make Libra a darling delight in a great forever family. How about yours?