Kitten 23904 (Madeleine) has been adopted!

Siamese Mix

Who belongs to that petal pink nose peeking out from brown velvet curtains? Madeleine does! She’s adorable from head to toe with that precious face, chocolate ears, and bright white footies! Her personality is equally irresistible, full of spunky energy and good-natured fun! Romping, and racing, and enjoying every kind of toy, especially with her new friends, keeps her dancing along on those lively little toes! But this little doll also has a great big heart and lots of love to share and will be looking for her human for cozy naps in a welcoming lap and cuddles and snuggles from those who love her back. This loving and lively sweetheart will bring great joy to a home that will cherish all she has to offer. Might Madeleine be the marvelous little jewel for you?