Diana has been adopted!


Torbie darling Diana has been the sweetest, best young mamacat to her four busy babies. She has nurtured them beautifully and always with an air of steady calm and confidence. With humans she’s irresistibly friendly and affectionate and enjoys being scooped up and getting lots of pets. This wonderful girl likes to talk too, but most often directs her remarks to her babies. She’s gotten along well with kids and adult cats and had a brief introduction to a dog. She was a little unsure about that but may do well with a proper introduction or with a low energy dog. What a gorgeous girl she is in her extra soft, dense suit of elegant stripes and picture-perfect face with the loveliest light jade green eyes. She’s a pure sweetheart and a beautiful one who is ready to be the cherished darling in a forever home that adores her. Sweetheart Diana would love to be your new joy.

Child:  Harvey, Hilda, Sabrina, Zelda