Penelope has been adopted!


Like a one-of-a-kind work of priceless art, precious Penelope is a treasure. Her beauty is stunning, from her fluffy ivory to her dramatic black and gold, but it’s her great personality that will make her a cherished part of a great forever family! This super friendly darling loves to play. One of her eyes is a bit cloudy due to an early eye infection, but it doesn’t slow her down. We don’t expect it to be an issue, but will cover the cost of care with our vet if that should change. She’s bouncy and pouncy and full of spunky energy, but she also loves attention and affection and is sure to be the prettiest, happiest, sweetest little heart stealer! She’s a true calico beauty and a total charmer, ready to be the cherished doll in a loving forever family.

Littermate:  Ponson
Buddy: Ponson