Morgan has been adopted!

Maine Coon Mix

Meet puffball Morgan who looks like a teddy bear and is just as endearing! He’s a bit on the careful side, a watch-and-wait kind of guy,  and likes to look a situation over before he jumps into the action. His beautiful sister Megan is the designated dynamo and his favorite sibling and looks out for her much-loved brother. He’s very playful with his kitten siblings in every romp and race and adventure but hasn’t been exposed to other cats, dogs, or children. This sweetie’s nature is calm, gentle, happy, and loving with an impish twinkle that shows up when the fun and games get going! He’s an ebony sweetheart from his velvety nose to his fuzzy wuzzy toes, with an extra long and silky coat in between, who hopes a teddy bear boy is just what you’ve been hoping for! Could irresistible Morgan be just the purrfect gem for you?

Mother: Gracie
Littermates:  Ella, Jackson, Megan