Ella has been adopted!

Maine Coon Mix

Fuzzy wuzzy ebony Ella is an energetic doll with a big, happy spirit! This little beauty and her busy siblings play for hours before falling asleep, often in a heart-melting kitten cuddle puddle! She may seem a bit shy in new surroundings but would fit in well with a kitty companion who likes to play, though she also plays well by herself. A family with older children who would enjoy giving her extra attention would also be a great fit. She can never have too many ear scratches and pets and does love treats at the end of the day. She has not been around adult cats, dogs, or small children. She’s extra floofy in her dark-as-a-deep-night-sky coat of silky softness, making her a darling who is sure to be someone’s gorgeous and devoted treasure forever. Could precious Ella find security and affection in the circle of your love?

Mother: Gracie
Littermates:  Jackson, Megan, Morgan