Megan has been adopted!

Maine Coon Mix / Tortoiseshell

Mighty little Megan is a darling dynamo in a beautiful package! This sweetheart is brimming over with a love of life and fills her days with exploring everything, usually at a run, not a walk! Her personality is as big as her energy, and the older and bigger kittens she’s been raised with know she can hold her own in any romp or adventure! She’s super friendly and basically fearless so may need wise supervision as she learns boundaries. With proper introduction she would probably be fine with a friendly cat and maybe a friendly dog. An extra long and silky coat of dramatic black brushed with glints of gold makes her the most exotically gorgeous of classic tortoiseshell treasures! If a loving little enchantress, always dress elegantly, but always ready for action could be the bright new sparkle in your life, marvelous Megan can’t wait to meet you!

Mother: Gracie
Littermates:  Ella, Jackson, Morgan