How could it be that this very beautiful and loving girl named Tater was abandoned to fend for herself? When she was rescued she was understandably very distrustful of people, but in just one month in her foster home she has blossomed and shown her true cuddlebug colors! One of her favorite places to be is draped around her foster mom’s neck, and she shares sweet cheek rubs generously and chirps adorably when she purrs! This beauty is luxuriously attired in an extra fluffy and dense coat of elegantly soft colors, with darling marshmallow white feet, and a delicate dusting of palest gold contrasting with perfect charcoal markings. Because of the upheaval she weathered she will benefit from a patient and loving home what will allow her the time to adjust as she encounters new people, smells, and surroundings. While she is fine with new, relaxed cats, the chaos of a busy household with small children would likely make her hide. If you are patient and looking for a true and devoted cuddlebug, little treasure Tater would love to bring her chirps and snuggles to the circle of your love.

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