Moose has been adopted!

Siamese Mix
Flame Point

Who could resist handsome Moose, with his gorgeous blue eyes, slightly crossed for extra adorableness, and a luxurious coat that’s as soft as a bunny’s?! He’s one of four marshmallow siblings, all with stunning sapphire eyes and kissable rosy noses! They are ready for their forever futures after being rescued from a Good Samaritan who was feeding them but didn’t handle them much. In nurturing foster care they have been rapidly learning to enjoy plenty of happy human connection and tender affection. Together they have a great time romping and racing, whacking and chasing anything that slides or rolls, and enjoying other kittens and bigger cats. Moose loves playtimes and is getting comfortable with the hands-on TLC in his foster home. What he needs now is a forever family that he can bond with and know that his future is one of security and love. This sweet boy named Moose hopes there’s patience and affection waiting for him in the circle of your love.

Littermates:  Max, Molly, Murphy