Kitten 23975 (Miss Lilly) has been adopted!

Siamese Mix
Blue Point

Litte Miss Lilly is ready for adoption.  She was fortunate to be raised in a loving foster home, however she's had a hard time adjusting to the center while she waits for that special family to come along.  She enjoys being around her foster brothers and really likes to be up high observing her surroundings.  Miss Lilly won't be the first kitten to approach you, but once she warms up she lets her guard down and becomes all purrs.  And when it’s time to rest, she’ll gaze at you with those amazing baby blues and snuggle right intto her plush blanky.  For this precious darling, nothing is sweeter or more welcome than loving head and tummy rubs that will have her purring like a furry little freight train!