Sage has been adopted!


What a bouncy bundle of boy handsome hunk Sage is! He’s destined to be the life of the party and everyone’s favorite lovebug in fun-loving and affectionate family. He’s the perfect “hunter” personality and comically prowls and pounces with his lively sibling posse who know that he will be the first to grab a toy and dash away with it in his mouth! He’s also a big fan of feathers and bells, is fascinated by feet, and loves to cuddle up and be loved on! As lively as he is, this joyful boy is especially docile and gentle when he’s held by small children, and is also good with bigger cats. He and his sibs were tenderly rescued and bottle-fed after their mother was killed by a coyote, so he has benefited from a loved foster life full of comfort and affection. He’s a total dude in his gorgeous sunny orange coat of rippling stripes, making him the most classic of cats - the beloved marmalade tabby! Sweetheart Sage is ready and waiting to bring his great gifts of fun and affection to the forever circle of your love!

Littermates:  Clove, Nutmeg, Pepper