Nutmeg has been adopted!


Four tiny lookalike orange fuzzykins were orphaned when their mom was sadly killed by a coyote. Bottle feeding and tender care were required to save these babies. Thanks to that care, busy, bouncy Nutmeg is an all-around happy spirit who loves to play and explore and has a brave, curious, outgoing personality. She’s very affectionate and may nibble a little but never aggressively and is very sociable with other cats and is also good with kids. If others are getting attention, she has no hesitation stepping right up to get her fair share! Her love of affection is equal to her love of fun! Her extra floofy tail is about the only way you can tell this sweet little clan apart, since each sports the silky, rippling stripes and soft spots of the most classic of kitties - the orange marmalade tabby. Nutmeg and her sister Sage are especially unique since only a quarter of orange tabbies are girls! Like her sweet sibs, irresistibly loving and lovable Nutmeg is ready to bring her sunny enthusiasm for life to a forever family that adores her. How about yours?

Littermates:  Clove, Pepper, Sage