Clove has been adopted!


Classic sweet orange Clove’s favorite pastime is sitting cozied up next to you to be petted and cuddled! This mellow darling has three adorable siblings who look just like her, but she’s the observer of the bunch, content to watch them play, but not inclined to romp and be rowdy. Her quiet nature also has her likely to be the one who’s content to sleep outside the cuddlepuddle. She gets along well with other cats and is good with children but hasn’t been exposed to dogs. Her mother was sadly killed by a coyote, so this tiny survivor was lovingly bottle fed and has been tenderly fostered to become an affectionate, calm, beautiful girl who is ready to be a beloved treasure in a forever home as sweet as she is. Could cuddlebug Clove be the perfect little jewel for you?

Littermates:  Nutmeg, Pepper, Sage