Allie is available for adoption at our Blackstone Ave Petco Adoption Center

Dilute Tortoiseshell
5 months old

She’s spirited, spunky, snoopy, and sociable sweetheart, and her name is Allie! This very companionable cutie loves attention, will climb in your lap when the mood strikes, and thinks sitting next to you is the best spot! Playtime means batting ping pong balls, chasing anything that rolls, and running and jumping and zipping up her cat tree to watch whatever is going on out the window! It’s no wonder this spritely girl likes to “talk” and will even tell you if being picked up and placed somewhere she doesn’t want to go is not agreeable to her! Her big personality makes her a highly entertaining and endearing little diva! She has gotten along well with an older adult cat and a small dog and would probably enjoy children who are gentle with cats. It would be great for her to have a home where her fearlessness is supervised and her love of attention is welcome. A soft, dense coat of polished silver is the perfect attire for this on-the-go girl, and a brushstroke of bright white is the sweet highlight to her beautiful, classic face and gorgeous gray eyes. Could adorable Allie be the beloved sparkle and delight for your forever family?

Please note:

  • Allie is ok with dogs
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