Wanda has been adopted!

Domestic Short Hair
Orange and White more white

Wanda is sassy, silly, and very sweet. She spends her days lounging around the sofa until her brother Buck initiates play. After that the pair of them bounce and pounce through the house without a care in the world. Wanda greatly enjoys the company of other cats and dogs and people, though she hasn’t yet been exposed to children, and is a wonderful, cozy lap cat. She is vocal about when she’d like food or attention, and never misses an opportunity to play. She loves wand toys and laser pointers, but she and Buck can even make a lively game with any stray pens that may have been left on a table or counter! A beautiful coat of rich ivory and sunny apricot makes her a classic best-dressed doll for any occasion! With her very sociable personality she will be happiest in a home with a cat friend. To be adopted with her great playmate and much-loved brother Buck would be a kitty dream come true for her and double joy for a loving family. How about yours?

Littermate:  Buck