Buck has been adopted!

Domestic Short Hair
Buff and White

Buck is as rambunctious as he is friendly and affectionate! He’s never met any person or cat or dogs (including big ones) that he didn’t immediately like. He hasn’t been exposed to kids but would likely be fine with them too. Though he prefers the company of his sweet sister Wanda the very most, he is confident and cuddly with everyone. This happy handsome guy loves the company of people, often curling next to anyone sitting on the sofa or relaxing in bed. He’s wonderfully laidback and rolls onto his back to ask for belly rubs! With his playful spirit it’s no surprise that he loves any wand or feather toy, but he and Wanda can make a plaything or game out of anything! He’ll speak up if he thinks mealtime is overdue, and he’s a great fan of any kind of kitty treat! This adorably good-natured guy is sure to be a joyful addition in a loving home, especially one where he would have another cat to play with, and of course sister Wanda would be his very first choice! Could this darling brother and sister pair be your sweet double delight?

Littermate:  Wanda