River has been adopted!


Tabbygirl treasure River is a petite young mamacat who has raised her darling litter of mini-me babies with the tenderest love and care. Now it’s time for her to be the precious addition in an adoring family. Her personality is deeply affectionate and people-oriented, and, being still a youngster herself, her intelligence and curiosity give her a playful, spritely spirit that makes her always cheery and fun-loving. She has been a delightful role model for her kittens’ happy antics! This precious girl is a study in beautiful, polished classic stripes, a brown velvet nose, and showstopping green eyes that will melt your heart when she gazes at you with absolute trust and love. She is sweet to everyone in her foster home, including the senior cat, and hopes to soon be the beloved girl in a home where she is cherished. Could sweet River be the loving addition in your forever circle?

Child:  Remy, Rene, Rory, Rowen