Rene has been adopted!


Darrrling Rene is one of an adorable quartet of rum tum tabby tiger sweethearts whose names all start with R! This classic cutiepie is very observant, super sweet, and delightfully playful! Her silky suit is the one with the lightest, densest pattern of stripes, perfect attire for her spritely personality. She likes to strategically check out the action before diving in headfirst like her brothers do, and is especially attached to her equally adorable sister, Rowen. Her sweet and affectionate nature means she never hesitates to settle in to be loved on and get head scratches, even if the hijinks are in full swing! If you are looking for two loving and happy kittens, a perfect pair would be Rene and her little sister, Rowen. Double tabbygirl treasures equal double joy! 
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Mother: River
Littermates:  Remy, Rory, Rowen