Rory has been adopted!


When your foster mom declares you are “the World’s Best Kitten”, you must be adorrrable Rory! He’s one of four classic tabby dolls, two boys and two girls, affectionate, fun-loving, and a picture-perfect quartet! This irresistible little guy is very people-oriented and loves to cuddle and snuggle, sweetly seeking out cozy, welcoming laps. He’s a great big brother to his fuzzy wuzzy striped sibs who look to him as their gentle leader. He is especially bonded with his brother Remy, his ever-present buddy and most favorite playmate in endless lively romps and kitten adventures. If you are looking to adopt two kittens (and kittens really are best in pairs or with other cats) consider this wonderful pair. He is a darling boy, “the World’s Best Kitten!”, who is sure to be a very debonnaire big guy in his beautiful densely soft suit of perfect stripes with a jaunty tail dipped in bright white! A more delightfully loving, happy, and handsome companion would be hard to find! Rory would love to be your beloved boy and hopes brother Remy could double your joy!

Mother: River
Littermates:  Remy, Rene, Rowen