Remy has been adopted!


With his kissy little face, highly expressive ears always alert to everything, and his suit of luxe, silky stripes, Remy is a baby housetiger extraordinare! A super sweet disposition and playful spirit are the gifts that will make him a wonderful addition in a great, loving family. He’s a lovebug who never misses and opportunity to be snuggled and cuddled or nap in a cozy lap. If there’s a flying toy to leap after, he’ll be there first, and every game and opportunity to scamper with his three darling siblings will be at the top of his list of favorite things! His brother, Rory, is his favorite sib and playmate and they would make a great pair of kittens. Could classic tabbyman lovebug Remy, full of sweet affection and cheerful fun, be your beloved boy? Could adorable brother Rory double the joy? 
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Mother: River
Littermates:  Rene, Rory, Rowen