Kabra has been adopted!

Brown and white spotted

Kabra is playful and fun with an abundance of kitten energy.  She is a curious explorer who is always happy to check out a new object to see if it might be a fun toy.  When Kabra is finished playing, she enjoys being held and cuddled.  She will often reach up to touch her human to let them know that she is ready to be held.  Kabra is good with other cats, kittens and children.  She has not been exposed to dogs.  Kabra would love to have a playmate in her home to join her in kitten games.  If that's not possible, she would love a human who likes to play interactive games (i.e.: wand toys and/or feathers).  Playful and sweet...that's Kabra and she is now ready to find her forever home.

Littermates:  Kabana, Kanga, Karu