Karu has been adopted!

Black Striped with brown

This handsome fella is called Karu.  He loves human attention and calls out to his people with an expressive meow when they are not in his sight.  If you call his name, Karu will come trotting over to see how he can assist you or, perhaps, collect a snuggle.  Karu is the brother to three sisters.  He is definitely the leader of this little group of four.  They enjoy all kinds of kitten games and toys.  He is a fearless and curious explorer and enjoys checking out new places and objects.  When it it time to rest, Karu enjoys grooming his siblings and, of course, the affectionate attention of his humans.  He gives little kitty kisses to his humans as a reward for their loving attention.  He is good with other cats, kittens and children.  He has not been exposed to dogs.  Handsome, sweet and ever so playful...that's Karu and he is now ready to join a forever family.

Littermates:  Kabana, Kabra, Kanga
Buddy: Kanga