Domestic Short Hair
Black and White

Purrfectly accessorized Yara was the last of her clan of tinies to be rescued. As a result she is a little behind them in warming up to humans. Afterall, it’s tough and scary to be the one who feels left behind. But never fear - this shy, gentle girl has made great progress and just needs a loving family with a bit of extra patience, understanding, and time to help her continue her progress. Her loving nature is evident in her enjoyment of other kittens and cats as well as dogs of all sizes. She’s just needs to be scooped up into the affections of sweet people. Her cloud-soft coat of inky black is especially elegant with the addition of a pristine bib, sugar-dipped chin, and glistening set of luxurious white whiskers! A darling and devoted doll is sure to be your forever treasure if precious Yara finds a place in your loving heart and home.

Littermates:  Milly, Oscar