Irresistible Riki is like that great friend who can always cheer you up, never runs out of ideas to keep things fun, or will just keep you company if that’s what you need most! Her busy explorations of every nook and cranny of the house will make you smile, even when they’ve been explored plenty of times before! This delightful girl also gets along well with other cats, kittens, and with dogs. While she hasn’t been exposed to kids, it’s reasonable to expect her happy spirit will enjoy them too! A bold, brave, playful nature keeps a spring in her step, especially if there’s a ball to chase or the sneaky laser light to pounce on! This sweetheart’s wonderful confidence and easy affection is impossible to resist as her silky little head bonks your hand to let you know she’d like to be petted and loved on! Her soft, dense charcoal gray coat is beautifully striped, and her sweet face is perfectly highlighted around her soulful eyes and pert little smile. Lovable, playful, beautiful Riki hopes you choose her!