Carmi is available for adoption at our Blackstone Ave Petco Adoption Center

1 year old

Darling Carmi’s wonderful foster mom says it best and truest - “She is simply the sweetest cat ever. She has no fear and is deeply loving. She loves to be held, petted, and played with. She’s very gentle but can get over stimulated and can give love bites she is an all around the perfect cat”. Wow! Sounds like this beauty is a pure treasure! Even her warm, honey-colored eyes and sugar-dipped smile are a reflection of her great sweetness! Her four kittens have been tenderly nurtured by this loving girl who is ready to retire from her mom duties to be the cherished lovebug in a forever family as affectionate as she is. Her classic cloud-soft caramel and vanilla coat (not common in girls!) is dense and easy-care, the perfect attire for her calm and easy-going lifestyle, whether she’s chasing anything that rolls, romping, bouncing, and pouncing, or snuggling in for the pets she loves!  She has had limited exposures to dogs and it made carmi very nervous. A home with olden kids would be best, but has been good with other cats and, or course, a joy to her kittens and people! Could delightfully playful, loving, and beautiful Carmi, “the sweetest cat ever”, be the cozy, cuddly companion for your circle of love?

Child:  Capri, Cheddar, Chilli

Please note:

  • Carmi needs a home with no dogs and no young children.
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