Chilli has been adopted!

Orange Orange ears

Sweet Chilli is one of four little rompers who have been nurtured by their adoring mamacat, Carmi. In his wonderful foster home, two additional foster kittens have added to the daily frolic with every toy that rolls, dandles, bounces, or crinkles, speedy climbs up and down the cat tree, hide-and-seek in empty boxes, and chasing the rascally laser dot! He’s an instant friend of everyone he’s met, but he hasn’t yet met kids or dogs. ?? He never misses an opportunity to be squarely in the middle of any playtime, adventure, or comical exploration! He’s a very handsome little hunk too, in his smooth, silky coat of palest peachy orange, with a classically photogenic orange boy face perfectly dusted with soft white. This darling guy’s good looks, easy-going nature, and very happy, companionable spirit will make him an adored member of a loving forever family circle. Could Chilli be the great little guy for you?

Mother: Carmi
Littermates:  Capri, Cheddar, Cyprus