Cheddar is available for adoption at our Blackstone Ave Petco Adoption Center

Buff White ears
6 months old

With his velvety soft buff coat, sugar-dipped smile, and gorgeous, dark green eyes, Cheddar is a handsome hunk of happy sweetness! He and his three siblings hoot it up endlessly under the watchful eyes of their doting orange mama, Carmi, with two extra foster kittens included in this bouncy pouncy band of delightful darlings! His favorite toys are anything that rolls, empty boxes to explore and hop in and out of, the cat tree for climbing and perching, and the most favorite laser dot! He has a very friendly, relaxed personality, lots of confidence, and a big curiosity about whatever you are doing. Explorations and comical kitten adventures round out his fun times! Rich russet “sleeve stripes” and perfect highlights on his classic face, make him as handsome as he is happy, a boy who is sure to be a beloved addition in a forever family as sweet as he is! Could Cheddar be the fuzzy wuzzy charmer to light up your life?

Mother: Carmi
Littermates:  Capri, Chilli, Cyprus
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