Cyprus is available for adoption at our Blackstone Ave Petco Adoption Center

1 year old

Sweet Cyprus is the exotic torti treasure among her three spritely siblings. This little jewel is full of bounce and pounce in every happy playtime, of which there are many in her wonderful foster home! Together with her sibs and two additional foster kittens, all under the nurturing management of mamacat, Carmi, she scampers after jinglebell and fuzzy balls, tries to capture the laser dot, zips up the cat tree, and dances along in every little adventure and exploration! She hasn’t met any dogs or children but has an easy-going and friendly cattitude. This happy sprite is a classic tortoiseshell beauty in her dark coat of inky black, lightly dusted with rich gold, and highlighted with one-of-a-kind brushstrokes of ivory on her dainty smile and soft, velvet toes. What a loving addition such a delightful little girl will be in a great forever home that adores her. Could this gem of a sweetheart named Cyprus be the darling doll for you?

Mother: Carmi
Littermates:  Capri, Cheddar, Chilli
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