Capri has been adopted!


Capri is a true kitten classic - a beautiful tabby girl who is an icon in her silky striped suit, with a personality that takes everything in stride with a smile! And what a darling smile it is, framed by a a lovely set of long, glistening whiskers and gorgeous, big eyes! Polished and pretty as she is, it’s her spritely spirit that will make her a bouncy, loving addition in a sweet home of her own. She has been nurtured by her adoring and uniquely orange young mom, with the built-in fun and frolic of three delightful siblings, in a wonderfully loving foster home. With the addition of two more foster kittens added to the mix, the playtimes are full of happy hijinks, with especially spirited bouncing and pouncing when the laser pointer comes out to play! Scampering after fuzzy or crinkly balls, hopping in and out of the toy rings, and zipping up the cat tree are also on the list of big fun! This adorable tabbygirl treasure will be a smile-maker for sure in a home where her happy sweetness is cherished. Could Capri be the cutiepie companion to capture your heart?

Mother: Carmi
Littermates:  Cheddar, Chilli, Cyprus