Kitten 24186 (Cloud) has been adopted!

Siamese Mix

Whether he’s in his cuddle mode or his playtime mode, handsome Cloud is a wonderfully chill kitten! A game of hide’n’ seek with his blanket never gets old, with or without additional players! With his lively siblings he loves to romp and stomp and explore every nook and cranny, but he also loves to lounge around and be a happy observer. This bunny-soft sweetheart is a lovebug too who will hop right into your lap and give you the sweetest kisses while he gazes at you with his deep sapphire blue eyes! He has a smooth, soft coat of lux ivory, a picture-perfect face brushstroked with palest mocha, and a rosy pink nose, toe beans, and ears that make him pretty irresistible! The tension goes down and the serenity goes up when comfy, cuddly, mellow Cloud is on the scene! Could such a great boy be your forever family’s beloved new treasure?