June Bug has been adopted!

White socks/chest

With adorable June Bug in the house, don’t be surprised to find one of her favorite spring toys tucked in your shoe, or proudly carried in her mouth from here to there, or waiting in the empty tub for the next round of tub soccer! What a simple joy for this joyful girl! This sweetie is a doll from nose to toes, with the biggest most beautiful eyes to grace any pretty face! A unique Abyssinian type coat, almost brown with black and gold highlights and elegant white bib and socks make her dressed impressively for any occasion! A pert pink smile, satiny pink nose, and glistening, long whiskers complete her her picture-perfect look! An affection and fun-loving nature makes her a great favorite of her bouncy siblings, and other cats and a small dog have also been among her friends. Such an easy-to-love darling is sure to be a treasured joy in a family that adores her. Could this little June Bug be the new joy for you?

Mother: Mom Cat 24197 (Maggy)
Littermates:  April, August, Julius, May Belle