Halle has been adopted!


With a name like Jalapeño, it’s no surprise this classic little brown tabby girly is on the spicy side! But that’s only until she knows she’s safe in the environment and among kind people. Once she does her nickname Halle becomes just the purrfect fit! When the sugar takes over this beautifully striped, bunny-soft sweetheart will press her satiny brown nose into your cheek and purr contently when you tell her your secrets! Because she’s on the shyer side she might take a little time to adjust to a new environment Her spritely, playful side is quite happily content with every kind of toy, including little paper balls to bat and empty boxes for hide-and-seek! Halle hopes to soon be a darling addition in a gentle, loving family who will cherish and protect her. Could this sugar and spice cutie be your beloved little tabby treasure?

Littermates:  P.B., White Sox