White Sox has been adopted!

Orange with white feet

This snugglebug ball of fuzzy sunshine is sweet White Sox. He’s a loving and affectionate boy who always hopes there’s a cuddle coming his way and has a non-stop purr that reflects his joyful happiness! He can wisely be a little cautious in a new environment, but warms up when he feels secure and has gotten along well with older children but hasn’t been exposed to dogs. With his bouncy siblings lively playtimes are plentiful and creative, and anything can be turned into a purrfectly fine toy! This orange striped cutie is the most classic of kitty boys in his smooth, soft, dense suit, always easy-care and super handsome! Bright white mitts and long sox complete his great good looks! He’s snuggly, handsome, happy, and easy to adore - truly a purrbug treasure! Wonderful White Sox would love to be your darling orange joy!

Littermates:  Halle, P.B.